Why You Should Plan Your Advertising In Advance

Did you know that people start thinking about Christmas in August? Despite what people say about the C word and it being mentioned far too early by marketers, the vast majority of consumers are thinking about Christmas right now It raises questions about how far ahead you should plan your advertising, which is what we’re going to talk about today. THE BEST ADVERTISING IS PROACTIVE NOT REACTIVE It’s a cliché but fail to plan and plan to fail Advertising should be something you proactively seek out and look to exploit the best opportunities The 1st thought about advertising shouldn’t be when you get a call from a Sales Manager – before that call comes through you should have a clear about your brand, your positioning, your marketing message and what channels work for you HOW EARLY SHOULD YOU PLAN YOUR ADVERTISING? Honestly – you never can start thinking about your advertising too early We talked in last month’s blog about Marketing and Advertising being for life rather than a one off event and it may be that your Christmas adverts are part of a 4 part seasonal campaign so the initial concept make have been developed 12-15 months ago But in terms of specifics we’d recommend you start planning at least 3 months ahead Very rarely do external events affect an advertising campaign WHAT SHOULD YOU BE THINKING ABOUT? Data and Deadlines Firstly look at the data of your last advertising campaign and work out what went right and what went wrong. Where were the peak points of direct sales from that last campaign and did you feel the advertising campaign started too early or too late to meet your objections What are the deadlines from the advertising channels you desire and how in demand are they. In the world of magazines are you prepared to play the risk / reward game of waiting for the last minute to fill an ad slot on a discounted price vs missing out altogether – so how important is this channel in your marketing mix? WHO ELSE SHOULD YOU LET KNOW? Ok, so you’ve used the Route 2 Take search to find the best advertising opportunities in your area And you’ve read the blogs to ensure that your advertising is hitting the right demographic Well dial up the HR Department, because when advertising is planned ahead and its target for your demographic you’ll need extra staff to cover to work load And remember – advertising and marketing are joined up so make sure your Online Team are promoting the same consistent message online as well as offline TAKE ACTION TODAY Look at www.route2take.com for the best advertising opportunities in your area today