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The Rules for Ad Placement on the Internet

It sounds like an inconvenient truth, which is rare in advertising lingo, but the Internet is not an ad friendly place. People can gloss over it all they want; it will not change the fact that everything about the digital platform makes it harder for advertisers to get attention for their brand. If inexperienced marketers try to force the issue, a user can easily close their ads, or even report them as spam.

Not all is lost, though, as there are ways for a company to reach the massive audience the Internet promises without compromising the brand’s image. The most important thing for any business to remember in regards to their digital advertising is placement – both in the traditional and literal sense.

Lessons of Traditional Media

The meaning of ad placement in the traditional sense is divided into two sections: print and television/radio. An ad placement for print requires the advertisement to be placed within the medium; for example, an ad for bubble gum is placed within the pages of a magazine. For television/radio, the meaning of placement is that an ad is in close proximity to a popular program.

The reason advertisers need to be aware of traditional advertising rules on placement is that this would help them know what to avoid. For example, it is extremely distasteful for a sweets shop to advertise in a magazine marketed to diabetics. This is a bad press trap that is much easier to fall into on the web, especially if marketers are not paying attention to the actual content of the site and its audience.

Where Things Should Go

The second thing that advertisers should be aware of when it comes to ad placement is the literal sense. Where should a company place its ads on the screen? This is a tricky question to answer, because the usual sensibilities of advertising do not apply. If an advertisement gets in a user’s face too much, they can simply close it, and the effort to put it there would be for naught.

There are no rules as to where a business can place their advertisements, and much of it depends on the kind of ad they want to place. Solving this problem requires insight into a company’s operations, and goals. If you want to get more information from us in this regard, we will need to talk about your information first. Contact us, or explore the rest of our website to get the data you are looking for.