Reasons to register on Route2take

We recognised that for any business responsible for allocating their own advertising budget and sourcing advertising opportunities, locally or regionally, it was a lengthy, timely and, in some cases, unachievable task. From a start up – new to the world of business right through to well established companies trying to keep up with new and existing opportunities, the outcome was the same…

Where do they go to find it? In most cases it will find you, with sales calls on a regular and often daily basis. However, to attend to every call and log details of every opportunity that may be offered to you, is simply not achievable, meaning you may miss out on great campaigns or offers that are ideal for your business!

Registering gives you instant knowledge of offers placed on the Route2take by various media owners. Some of these offer promotions and discounts, which may only be posted for a short period of time – some will only be on a first come first serve basis. If the offer is a one off so don’t miss out!

When logged in as a registered user you will have access to any placed offer where the orange “Offer Available” button is present and qualify you for the discount.




  • Register and take advantage of the benefits available, aimed to save you money and give you access to deals.
  • Qualify for any offers placed on Route2take by the media owners where the “offer” button is present.
  • Be first to be notified of any new campaigns available in your area.
  • Notification of any price reductions.
  • Newsletters delivered to you from your chosen field and area.


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