Why Choose Radio Advertising

Radio targets audiences efficiently because different stations attract different listeners. This allows advertisers to radio talk selectively to the groups they are most interested in. Added to this, is radio’s regional/local structure – which means that brands can focus their activity very effectively onto key market areas. Commercial radio stations can provide accurate listening figures by means of RAJAR (Radio Joint Audience Research) the official body in charge of measuring radio audiences.

Most radio listeners are engaged in another activity, and this means that advertisers can reach listeners at key times; when they are on the school run, browsing the internet or before going out on the weekend. Also, now that radio can be heard on mobiles and on the internet, these bespoke times are becoming even more widespread. In the same way that radio stations create chart music success, they create a sense of ubiquity for a brand. This is for two main reasons – firstly, because radio ads are on frequently, and secondly because listeners tend to spend so long listening (on average 14 hours per week). Research shows that at any given time, a fifth of people surfing the internet are listening to radio – so they are only a click away from interacting with a brand.

Radio is a strong “call-to-action” medium
Radio is “a friend”. It is even more powerful when advertising extends through into branded content – sponsorships & promotions.
Campaign lengths vary, depending on the objective of the campaign.

Radio and Outdoor Advertising

The combination of radio and Outdoor advertising reaches a mobile audience, offering a perfect balance of sight and sound.

Community Radio

Community radio stations broadcast to a local audience and heavily engage with their listeners as topics are based on local news and information and very much about the community.

Community radio stations are not measured by RAJAR meaning they cannot provide accurate listening figures. Most listening figures quoted are based on the population of the area they broadcast to or internet statistics. The population of the area they broadcast to is not a true reflection of the number of listeners they have as not every person living in their broadcast area will be a listener.

Although not having RAJAR listening figures, local businesses often have successful campaigns due to the loyalty and support of the local listeners and the lower investment required. The listeners engage with the presenters and adverts sound like a true endorsement. They operate on a not-for-profit basis and cater for whole communities and generally communities of interest. Community radio is a great way to reach the heart of your community.