Print Advertising

Why Choose Print Advertising

At Route2take you will find print advertising specialists Nationwide, which include: Magazines, Local Directories and Newspapers.

Magazines – many magazines target a specific demographic and appeal to different niches, such as people who belong to a certain trade, share the same lifestyle interests or hobbies of a certain age group or gender. By advertising in magazines within your industry, in the right area with the right demographic you are almost guaranteed to reach your intended audience.

Local Directories – are delivered directly to local residents through the door. Local directories are a cost effective way to promote your business to customers on your doorstep in your local area. Many local residents retain their directory for future reference and actively seek out offers, promotions and discounts and often return to the advert of interest.

Newspaper – advertising is one of the oldest methods of advertising available to companies of all sizes and budgets, and it can still be extremely effective when utilised properly. Local newspaper advertising reaches your local community and can target a specific audience by placing the ad in specific sections of the newspaper. Readers actively look for advertising in newspapers to search for deals and coupons. Newspapers also allow advertisers the flexibility to choose the size and content of their messages and the ability to change the nature of the advertisements at short notice.