Taxi Advertising

Why Choose Taxi Advertising

Taxi advertising is the perfect choice to promote your business in massively populated targeted areas. There are a range of options available to get your message across whether it be a full taxi wrap (full livery) or side panels (supersides), there is also the option for tip seats which ensures that the passenger, as well as the passer by, sees your advert. Whether it is a long-term campaign, or a single promotion, packages can be tailored to suit many budgets.

Taxi advertising is a superb way to attract your potential customer’s attention. I am sure you will have seen the array of brightly coloured taxi’s zipping through the streets, promoting numerous campaigns. It is a perfect opportunity for your brand or service to be seen by a mass audience. The more dynamic your advert to promote your business, the more memorable it will be!

As well as the continuous presence of taxi’s in city centres and suburbs, you have the added benefit of a constant presence in the most heavily populated locations as taxi ranks themselves are always found in places with the most pedestrian traffic – shopping centres, train stations and airports. Taxi’s are constant – they are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, putting your business in front of an ever changing audience.