Digital Screens

Why Choose Digital Screen Advertising

Digital screen advertising is the perfect way to put your business in front of a captive audience. Through strategically placed screens in various target locations, you have the opportunity to really put your message out there – be it in a doctors’ waiting room, a health club or a post office queue, to name a few. Your potential customer will be watching your commercial on a screen for a number of times in a short period of time creating brand awareness.

Digital screen advertising is a showcase for your business message through a combination of images, text and audio and are the perfect way to promote new services or deals that you are currently offering through your business. Advertisements are displayed through LED screens, LCD monitors and even projectors and are controlled by computer using specialised software. For this reason, your advertisement can be changed much easier to reflect any current promotions.

Due to the positioning of the screens in their locations, the frequency of your advert and the use of bright, enticing content your business message can subtly tap into the subconscious of your potential customer in a non-invasive way. Digital screen advertising can also be used as a directional tool, atmospheric enhancement or for brand reinforcement for your business. Due to the many options of digital screen advertising, all of this can be achieved at a tailor made cost to suit your budget.