Bus Advertising

Why Choose Bus Advertising

Whether you travel to work each morning by car, foot or public transport, I am sure you will have passed a bus. Bus advertising is a cost effective way to reach a huge audience. Through bus advertising you have the opportunity to reach people of all ages and backgrounds – whether they are stuck in their car behind a bus in traffic, waiting at the bus stop for their bus to arrive or indeed, sat inside the bus on their daily journey, you have a captive audience in all areas of the country – suburbs, rural and city centres.

Bus advertising can cover so many different aspects – from side and rear panels or full wraps to the exterior of the bus, posters on the inside of the bus and printing on the rear of the bus ticket itself to posters at the bus stop. Bus advertising lets you reach your potential customers in your target area and as buses, like commuters, follow the same route daily, you can be sure that your advert will be seen over and over again and will be a constant reminder of your business.

Bus advertising is dynamic! Advertising on a bus is a mobile billboard and your message to your potential customers should be memorable. They can be a bright and colourful distraction from the humdrum journey of the commuter and if you promote your business with a short, witty and catchy punch line, they will be remembered and discussed by all who see it.