Advertising Vans – AdVans

Why Choose Advertising Vans

Advertising vans are an excellent way to promote your business and are one of the fastest growing forms of advertising on the market. Campaigns can be put together to suit your budget and can be used in a variety of ways. Advertising vans have the versatility to be used to target a specific audience – for instance they can be stationary outside a major event like a bridal fair or family show to raise brand awareness or driven up and down the streets of the town where your business is located. They can even be used as a directional tool by being placed on a main thoroughfare with a static arrow pointing the way to your business for potential customers.

Advertising vans can be used for a short campaign, or on a long-term basis. Advertising vans usually have 3 billboards and are perfect for targeting passing traffic as these are located on either side of the van and one to the rear. They also come illuminated for night time promotions and now on the market, there are advanced digital advertising vans which can give your message animation – great for getting your business’ message out there.

If you choose to advertise your business with a moving advertising van, it can be driven by a uniformed driver, for a smarter impression and you can even throw in audio broadcast for good measure! This way, you can target specific routes during high traffic periods and really get your message across. They can be seen several times a day so be sure to make your advertisement punchy, bright and memorable! They can be hard to miss passing through the traffic if they’re bold enough.