Advertising Billboards

Why Choose Billboard Advertising

Billboards are the most traditional form of advertising – having been around for over 100 years. Through time, they have progressed from the original small poster to a 6 sheet at bus stops to an illuminated 96 sheet in a landmark location. Rest assured, when you left your house this morning, you will have passed several, in different forms, along the way. Advertising billboards can be seen anywhere and everywhere. They are the main form of advertising in many rural areas, they are large structures along busy motorways, they dominate tourist areas – take a look at Leicester Square in London.

A billboard can be a print poster advertising your business on a bus shelter in your local town. It can be a full size billboard on the gable end of a shop or house. It can be a huge digital screen at the roadside into a city centre. As advertising has moved into the digital age, advertising billboards can now even be generated from computer programs to display animated adverts and can provide advertising space for several businesses in one location.

Wherever the location, billboard advertising is designed to catch the attention of your potential customer. Billboards will be seen by people of all ages, races and classes in locations that generally have a high footfall, or high traffic and as such, you should make sure that you get your business’ message across in a few memorable, easily understandable words with bright arresting images.The beauty of billboard advertising is that, with so many options available, there will be one sure to suit your advertising budget.




24 Hours A Day

Advertising anything outdoors means 24-hour exposure to the public eye. is a medium which cannot be turned off, closed, missed or minimised. Outdoor advertising is consistent and non-stop. It is always in sight for the public to notice night or day.

Attention Span of audience

The majority of people will naturally focus on an outdoor advertisement

Stuck in traffic or waiting at the bus stop

We fixate on an outdoor ad sign to help pass time and avoid boredom.

State of The Art

DOOH (Digital Out-of-Home) can create incredibly eye-catching ads on any sized screen, some smaller units are now interaction meaning that it enables the customer to print off paper vouchers instantly or scan QR codes to connect.

Great Audience Reach

It’s the most visual advertising tool you can use to connect with your audience, it cannot be turned off. One of the great benefits of outdoor advertising is its impressive scale and its targeted locations.

Stuck in traffic or waiting at the bus stop

We fixate on an outdoor ad sign to help pass time and avoid boredom.