Advertising Bikes – Ad Bikes

Why Choose Ad Bike Advertising

Ad bikes are one of the cheapest outdoor advertising medium and can drive your message to large audiences – including city centres, train stations and concert halls, even parks – they can be squeezed into surprisingly confined spaces! The ad bike can be parked up in areas with the most pedestrian traffic giving you maximum exposure at an affordable price. With ad bike advertising you can reach your targeted audience in an environmentally friendly way and be seen by people from all walks of life.

Ad bike advertising is basically a mobile billboard

Traditionally, ad bikes have an A frame trailer with two 6 sheets – in layman’s terms 6 sheet is standard billboard size (the size of a bus stop poster) the ideal advertising media format. With this in mind, you can really promote your business with bold and catchy posters.

For stronger impact with ad bike advertising, it is always advisable to have a chat with the rider of the bike about your business so they can pass this valuable information onto your potential customers, when asked about the promotion. The rider can even be dressed in your branded clothing to really put your business out there and leaflets and samples can be handed out direct to your potential customers – all of this can be accompanied by a catchy song to really promote your business!