Marketing And Advertising Is For Life

One of the biggest mistakes small businesses make is thinking that advertising is a one off action or something done sporadically Think of all the businesses that are omnipresent in our lives – Tescos, Apple, Coca Cola. These are businesses that market and advertise on a regular basis, despite the fact that every single person in the country knows their name and what they offer So if advertising and marketing is working for huge multinational brands shouldn’t it be something at the core of your small business activity? Marketing and Advertising at its most basic is about awareness of a brand and awareness leads to sales The reason these large brands advertise is not because you’ve never heard of them, but to put another touch point out there and place them at the front of your mind Even those in marketing are subliminally influenced by adverts. For instance, most of the year I rarely buy Coke from the supermarket, I go for other soft drink brands, but come Christmas with the bells and whistles of the Coca Cola Christmas Truck Campaign suddenly I’m buying bottle after bottle of the stuff. Advertising business Go through this process to see if you’re doing enough marketing and advertising.

1. Write Down Every Piece Of Marketing And Advertising You Have Done Since Your Business Launched
  • – How many different times have you marketed?
  • – How many different routes to market can you name?
  • – Have you just tried one channel or multi-channel marketing?
  • – What potential reach did you get that from your marketing?
  • – Does ALL of your target market know you exist?
2. Order Them From Most Successful To Least Successful Campaigns 3. Do More Of The Successful Campaigns The Worked 4. Analyse Those Campaigns That Didn’t Work And Why
  • – Was it the quality of advertising content / strength of the message?
  • – Was it the right channel?
  • – Was it timing?
  • – Was it given long enough timescale To really impact?
5. Look At What Your Competition Are Doing?
    • – Where are they advertising?
    • – What are they doing better / more of / less of / worse than your business?
    • – How do you stand out from them and what is your USP?


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