win customers with your advertising

How to really excel and win customers with your advertising?

When we set up Route2Take we have one question in mind – In an ever growing market with multiple choice, where do you find advertising that’s right for your business? Time and time again we found that businesses either didn’t have the time to fully research all the available routes to market, quite often advertised with the 1st person that rang up because they felt they had to market their business and often didn’t advertise ever again after a bad experience Marketing and advertising are absolutely essential for growing your business and winning new customers, but to truly excel you need to take a structured approach to selecting your route to market Here are the steps we’d recommend you take when considering advertising

Profile your audience

The 1st step to deciding the best Route 2 Take with advertising is to really spend time defining your audience and building up a customer profile(s) Who are your customers / users? What are their interests? What are their pleasure and pain points? Where are their eyes / ears? The majority of businesses will rarely go deeper than the demographics i.e our customers are male, aged mid 20s and live with 2 miles of our business. That is just the starting point to a deeper understanding of your customers A recent study suggested that Facebook knows YOU better than your own family due to the amount of information you share on the social network That’s what your business needs to be – it needs to be like Facebook and have deep insights on your customer – or to put it in more traditional terms. You have to be like your friendly corner shop that knows exactly who their customer are and exactly their interests

Compare your options

The next stage after you’ve defined your audience is to drill down deep on the Where Are Their Eyes question? To break it to you – Advertising is less about yourself and more about your customers So what publications do your customers read? What radio stations do they listen to? Even where do they work and what route do they take to work? So often when we hear businesses say Advertising doesn’t work, it’s because they haven’t chosen the right route to market. Recently we saw a nightclub with a target market of 18-22 advertising in a publication primarily aimed at 50+ year olds and yet with a little research they could have found a more suitable publication to reach the right people

Finalise your advertising budget

Once you know your audience and you know a number of places their eyes and ears are you need to finalise your advertising budget Things to consider
  • Advertising works best when done more than once
  • Whatever you have in your head for an advertising budget – multiply it by 5 as most businesses grossly underestimate their marketing budget
And then you need to look at the Lifetime Value Of A Customer – this is defined as the total £££s flowing from a customer over the entire relationship with that customer … or in simple terms how much a person is going to spend over the period of retention For instance a cafe might spend £200 advertising to attract office workers as they realise they spend £5 per visit and visit 3 times per week spending £780 a year. The £200 spend to win over a new customer is clearly worth it when each new customer spends on average £780 a year When setting your advertising budget always consider Spend VS Lifetime Value Of A Client and how much you are prepared to spend per conversion

What next?

Work through all the above and use our search tool on to see what options are available in your area