Route2take is a Hub Connecting Businesses with Advertising

Route2take provides a hub where Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) can find local/regional advertising suitable for them. We recognise that no matter how big or small your budget, spending it wisely is key to your success. We understand that connecting with the right audience is essential to your business. Route2take provides an easy way to find and connect.


Keeping you Up-to-Date with Marketing Opportunities

Whether you are a one-man-band starting out or an established company, Route2take can keep you up to date with local and regional marketing opportunities available, giving you the choice of which formats are suitable for your business, including, magazine,newspaper, radio and outdoor advertising.


A Hassle Free Method of Investment to Help your Budget

Our portal was developed to give you as a business a hassle-free method of choosing the right route for your next marketing plan. Achieving the right synergy between your audience and your advertising campaign ultimately improves the chances of your campaigns success. By simply entering your chosen search criteria we can deliver relevant options to fit not only your needs but also your budget.


Search Criteria

Simply select your area and format then browse through the options. Having the all important results information helps you find which campaigns suit your business.

Once you discover an option which interests you simply choose one of the following:

Request a callback
Your details are sent to the media owner for them to contact you direct.

Request a media pack
You require more information regarding the campaign.

  • Decide what method suits your business
  • We connect you with the company
  • You then deal with each other directly

Why Not Register?

It’s Free! As a registered user you will be eligible to any offers displayed where the “Offer” button is present and allows you to know the level of discount before contacting the media owner.


Route2take is a Media Neutral Service

Route2take is a media neutral service. All marketing opportunities and prices listed on our site come direct from the marketing companies. Route2take do not add any additional costs to the opportunities listed on our website and do not make any money from any advertising purchased. Our aim is to simply connect businesses with advertising opportunities.