Busting Advertising Myths: 5 Reasons Businesses State For Not Advertising

Over the past 2 years at Route 2 Take we’ve spoken to 100s of businesses and 100s of account managers at Advertising Agencies. Time and time again the same reasons crop up as to why business choose not to advertise. In this months blog we look at these reasons and bust a few myths around advertising.


One of the most common reasons we hear from business owners is that they’ve tried advertising before and it didn’t work or didn’t deliver a successful return on investment. Often it only takes one bad experience of Advertising for a business to never advertise again. Many readers will have heard quotes on success – “When most people give up, successful people never make it an option”. If one advert hasn’t work previously it simple means that one advert didn’t work – you learn from your mistakes and move on and hit the mark on your advert this time. There are many metrics on an adverts success from timing, content and distribution channel. Advertising works – you just need to have a definitive plan and campaign!! (NOTE: Read our previous blog to find out how to plan your campaign)


Henry Ford once said “A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time.” It was rumoured to have stemmed from an advert in 1916 that to quote in full stated “The man that don’t advertise may know about his own business, but nobody else does. You might as well stop the clock to save time as to stop advertising to save money.” Marketing your business and acquiring new customers should be at the heart of you businesses daily functions The last thing any business should drop when cutting costs is the businesses advertising and marketing budget. Think big, Think Long Term and reinvest a percentage of your turnover back into the business to promote growth. Many international franchises ask that the franchisors reinvest 6% of turnover back into local business marketing – it’s a good rule of thumb to set your advertising and marketing budget!


Social Media is great. We love it. We Use It Daily. And chances are you may be reading this blog as a result of Social Media. But marketing works best when you’re using multiple channels to deliver your marketing message at the same time. Layer upon Layer, so that the subliminal effect of advertising really hits home. Social Media in tandem with a leaflet drop, a local newspaper or magazine advert, a community radio advert and an outdoor campaign all tied together in a cohesive campaign is a perfect example of touching all bases. By tying everything together, there are multiple touch points for potential customers and you quickly become the only business in the area that consumers think of You can even use the data from Social Media campaigns to test which marketing messages work best for a traditional marketing campaign


Keep one eye on the present and one eye on the future Look at all the taxi firms that had Iphone and Android Apps that people didn’t know about before Uber launched here in the UK. Do you think they wished they’d gone to market with advertising before Uber took a sizeable chunk of the market in the city of Manchester? Just because you’re busy now doesn’t mean that your business is future proof and what would happen if a competitor opened up in the same town as you and led a strong advertising campaign. It’s much better for a business to advertise proactively from a position of strength rather than advertise defensively against a new entrant to the market. You’re busy now, but is your business Future Proof?


This would have been true 40 or 50 years years ago when people predominantly lived in the same time they grew up in. Nowadays towns are transient and people move from town to town to fit in with job requirements or the children’s education. A local business with a strong reputation still might not be known by a large percentage of the new entrants to town. If you want to test this theory out – have a quick head count of the road you live on of people that grew up in the town you live in and in many cases the percentage that didn’t may be as high as 40-50%. That’s a huge audience to reach out to If you want to look at what Advertising Options there are available locally in Manchester, Cheshire, Merseyside or Lancashire – look at www.route2take.co.uk